I’m Jennifer.  I am a community events coordinator and consultant here in Gainesville, FL.  I am experienced in marketing and promotions,  event management, festivals, entrepreneurship, web development, client relations, and more.  I am the executive director for UF’s Changeville (part of UF’s Frank conference) and a coordinator for Startup Weekend.  I am the co-founder and vice-president of Gainesville Girls Rock Camp.  I am a board member of the Civic media Center.  I have been the organizer of the charity music and arts event – Vfest – for over 10 years.  I produce a weekly comedy showcase and monthly feature shows.  I also book live music shows at multiple local venues as well as national tours.  I have a background in music, psychology, and public relations.  I love working with people and learning new things!

Email me: jenarchy1982@hotmail.com

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